Our History

Established in the 1980s by Jerry and Anna Dyer, Faith Covenant Academy (FCA) has navigated families through the homeschool process in a loving, Christian environment. Jerry and Anna Dyer started homeschooling two of their children. Quickly more students and families joined them and the idea of a home school support group was established. The Dyer’s united with the cover school, Faith Covenant Academy, founded by Pastor Michael Maze and his wife, Dr. Kathy Maze, and an amazing partnership was born.

The support group has grown and developed over the years, but one idea has remained the same: Students are given an environment that is positive and encouraging where students feel safe and nurtured. Students are met where they are and encouraged to succeed through individual tutoring.

As a homeschool support group, FCA strives to offer a valuable alternative to mainstream education. FCA tailors an educational plan for each student based on his/her gifts and needs.