Our Credentials

Course of Study

  • We primarily use Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) materials for much of our coursework.
  • We regularly utilize additional supplemental materials, as needed.
  • We partner with the Endeavor Learning Lab for additional coursework and hands-on STEM projects.

​Dual Enrollment

  • We have Dual Enrollment Agreements with UAH,  Troy University, Calhoun Community College, Drake State Technical College, and Northeast Community Colleges.

Prepared for Success

  • We are recognized by the NCAA & NAIA Clearinghouses for those students who desire to pursue athletics on the collegiate level.
  • We facilitate student involvement in public school athletics through the Tim Tebow law.
  • Our graduation requirements meet or exceed that of the State of Alabama Board of Education.
  • Our graduates attend 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities, trade schools, enlist in the Armed Forces and are very successful upon graduation.