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Yes. Upon completion of all of their high school requirements, students will receive a diploma that is recognized by colleges and universities. FCA works hard to ensure credits received in the homeschool environment will be accepted by universities. Students complete their work at their own pace and determine how quickly they finish their work.

No. If the student completes all of the requirements, they will receive a high school diploma.

Support Group partners with Faith Covenant Academy cover school to participate in a formal graduation ceremony. Usually, there are two graduation dates: May and December. This allows flexibility for students.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

About Faith Covenant Academy

Faith Covenant Academy (FCA), an in-person, faith-based homeschool has been serving families in the Southeast Huntsville area for over thirty years. Jerry and Anna Dyer started the school in the 1980s as a faith-based, in-person homeschool that is offered to students of all types. Over the years, times and locations have changed, but their vision has remained constant: students of all ages need a safe and supportive place to learn and thrive.

Students also need a Faith-based education so they can learn that they are loved beyond measure and they were born for a purpose. As a homeschool support group, FCA supports families through the homeschool process. The school offers in-person classes, one-on-one tutoring, and individualized plans for each student.

The backbone of FCA’s curriculum plan is Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E), a faith-based curriculum. However, because each student learns differently, the staff endeavors to adapt curriculum and learning plans to assist each student. Students will work independently but as they encounter a new concept they do not understand or a topic in which they need review, they are encouraged to seek assistance from one of the staff. We currently have approximately a 1 to 6 ratio for teacher/student.

The staff constantly is working with students on a one-on-one basis. Many students come to FCA unwilling to ask for help with their academics, but after seeing the supportive environment and the culture of support in the school, it is not long before even the most resistant student will ask for help. However, the teachers are also very aware of who has not come for help and will seek out the most reserved student to make certain they are on track.

We are a faith-based Christian school located at Endeavor Church, Huntsville, AL

Located at Endeavor Church in the heart of Southeast Huntsville in Jones Valley, FCA has the exciting opportunity to be housed in a very supportive church. Endeavor Church supports FCA in many ways including weekly chapel times when several staff members will come in and teach a bible lesson. Endeavor Church also is home to the Learning Lab, a well-known STEM location for homeschoolers. The Learning Lab has opened its doors to our students to try new things such as Robotics, Biology, and Chemistry in a hands-on lab learning environment.

Faith Covenant Academy is a success-driven Christian school focusing on academic excellence and spiritual growth

Faith Covenant Academy has seen many success stories. Recently a student graduated from FCA after having been told that he would never earn an official diploma from the school. Not only did he graduate successfully from FCA, but he was named on Dean’s List at Calhoun Community College just a short time ago. We have former students currently enrolled all over including the University of North Alabama, Jacksonville State, Middle Tennessee State, University of Alabama Huntsville, University of Alabama Birmingham, Troy University, Calhoun Community College, and so on. We also have former students enlisted in the military.

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If you are looking for an alternative to public school or looking for a new manner to your current educational plan, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to speaking to you.

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