Yes. Upon completion of all of their high school requirements, students will receive a diploma that is recognized by colleges and universities. FCA works hard to ensure credits received in the homeschool environment will be accepted by universities. Students complete their work at their own pace which determines how quickly they finish.

No.  If the student completes all of their high school requirements, they will receive a high school diploma that is recognized by public and private universities, as well as the military.

Yes! FCA Home School Support Group partners with Faith Covenant Academy cover school to participate in a formal graduation ceremony. Usually, there are two graduation dates: May and December. This allows flexibility for students.

Currently, no uniforms are required, however, there is a dress code.

Typically, we use Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.), but many different resources are used in order to meet each individual child’s needs.

Yes. We are a Christian home school support group and bible studies and chapel are required. Students’ attendance and participation in these courses contributes to their elective credits required for graduation.

Yes. Some students choose to participate in public school athletics. Students must work with the cover school in order to submit paperwork and transcripts to the public school. In addition to the public school option, there are several home school athletic teams in which students enjoy participation.

The model is unique. The best comparison is a one-room-schoolhouse. All ages are together. Since the pace is student lead, students work individually. Tutors daily assist each student on an individual basis.